Concealer Pink

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Our Sculpting gel in a neutral shade of pink to match cool skin tones, provides just enough coverage to hide flaws or imperfections in the natural nail.

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15g, 30g, 60g

4 reviews for Concealer Pink

  1. andreajenkins7

    I have a client that has deep ridges in her nails, and she hates how her natural nail beds look. I use Concealer Pink for her French nail extensions, and it has great coverage! She loves her nails! I love this product!

  2. korbie_mcneil

    My favorite pink for most clients. I like to mix with a build to dilute a little.

  3. Katie Logan (verified owner)

    My favorite gel to use to build natural nails with. Covers every flaw and I can just top coat it cause it has such a lovely pink shade to it.

  4. Tricia Barney

    My favorite for overlays and reverse smile lines! The consistency isn’t to runny or thick so it’s easy to work with!

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