Imagination On The Go Kit

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Kit Includes:

1/4 oz Hologram Glitter
1/4 oz Sunshine Glitter
1/4 oz Sakura Storm Glitter
1/4 oz Crush Glitter
1/4 oz Pinkie Glitter
1/4 oz Meon A Sky Glitter
1/4 oz Shock Glitter
1/4 oz Incredible Green Glitter
1/4 oz Punk Rock Glitter
1/4 oz Lava Glitter
1/4 oz Royal Red Glitter
1/4 oz Bronze Glitter
1/4 oz Funkadelic Glitter
1/4 oz Rock Star Glitter
1/4 oz Crushed Pearl Glitter
1/4 oz Diamond Dust Glitter
1/4 oz Shimmering Sand Glitter
1/4 oz Golden Orange Glitter
1/4 oz Lavender Glitter
1/4 oz Fuchsia Glitter
1/4 oz Purple Glitter
1/4 oz Royal Blue Glitter
1/4 oz Emerald Green Glitter
1/4 oz Jet Black Glitter
1/4 oz Pearl Pigment
1/4 oz Gold Pigment
1/4 oz Emerald Pigment
1/4 oz Sapphire Pigment
1/4 oz Amethyst Pigment
1/4 oz Garnet Pigment
1/4 oz Bronze Pigment
1/4 oz Black Gel Paint
1/4 oz Red Gel Paint
1/4 oz White Gel Paint
1/4 oz Rainbow Black
1/4 oz Rainbow White
1/4 oz Pastel Blushing Girl
1/4 oz Rainbow Yellow
1/4 oz Pop Bright Tangerine
1/4 oz Pop Bright Orange
1/4 oz Rainbow Red
1/4 oz Rainbow Purple
1/4 oz Rainbow Blue
1/4 oz Pop Bright Turquoise
1/4 oz Pop Bright Green
1/4 oz Pop Bright Lime
1/4 oz Pop Bright Orchid
1/4 oz Pop Bright Plum
1/4 oz Pop Bright Pink
1/4 oz EarthTone Warm Gold
1/4 oz EarthTone Metallic Silver
1/4 oz EarthTone Metallic Bronze
1/4 oz BlockParty-Mixer
1/4 oz BlockParty-Rave
1/4 oz BlockParty-Masquerade
1/4 oz BlockParty-Surprise
1/4 oz BlockParty-Pool
1/4 oz BlockParty-Birthday
1/4 oz Into You Netting
1/4 oz Silver Polka Dots
1/4 oz Gold Polka Dots
1/4 oz En Love
1/4 oz Celebrate
1/4 oz Moody
1/4 oz Lime Icy
1/4 oz Blueberry Icy
1/4 oz Raspberry Icy
1/4 oz Lemonade Icy
1/4 oz Lemon Icy
1/4 oz Vanilla Icy
1/4 oz Gold Foil
1/4 oz Silver Foil
10- 1/4 oz White Mixing Jars
10- 1/4 oz Clear Mixing Jars
4 – Glitter Scoops

2 reviews for Imagination On The Go Kit

  1. reenawiggins24

    So much amazingness in one massive kit!! All of the young nails nail art options are included in this kit. All of the glitters, pigments, and colored acrylics. Plus a few other items, a couple colors of gel paint, a bunch of different colors of mylar and some pre mixed glitter acrylics. I cant believe the options and possibilities that have opened up after purchasing this kit!

  2. sydney.hottshot

    My friend swears by this kit. Can’t wait to buy it and try it out.

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