Mission Control Precision Gel Paint Kit

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Mission Control – A Precision Gel Paint is finally here!
With highly pigmented colors, the possibilities of the perfect line artwork and full nail coverage are limitless!

Includes 1 Micro Detailer Brush.

6 reviews for Mission Control Precision Gel Paint Kit

  1. Crystal Weloth

    Favorite Gel to HandPainted with! I easily use my mission control gels 5 times a day! This brush that comes with the kit is a lifesaver! No more trimming my own brushes down to the size I need!

  2. korbie_mcneil

    Loving the consistency and how easy to use. I like that a fine brush comes with the set.

  3. nailrockstar15

    This gel is AWESOME! Highly pigmented, great colors, they blend together easily and the brush that comes in the kit is perfect! The EXACT size I’ve been looking for forever.

  4. Tricia Barney (verified owner)

    I love all the colors in the kit and that it comes with a brush. So easy to control and has great coverage!

  5. redracetoy

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mission Control. They are phenomenal for hand painted nail art, full coverage all-over nail color, as a base color for any and all pigments/chromes/holo, and even stamping! I have been looking for a multi-functional gel and this is exactly it! The Micro brush is a major added bonus as it comes with the kit and is perfect for fine detail work or any touch up to a stamped design. Colors can easily be mixed together on a tile for an unlimited array of color options. These have quickly become my go-to product with every nail art service! An absolute MUST-HAVE for every nail artist!!

  6. reenawiggins24 (verified owner)

    Mission Control is the best gel paint kit ive ever used. I have used some other brands but this line is amazing. Highly pigmented and with a no cleanse finish cure it creates so much versatility with nail art. I have always struggled with fine lines and with the gels high pigmentation and the micro detailing brush put together i dont have that problem anymore!

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