Ultimate Finish Gel

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Young Nails Ultimate Finish Gel cures two minutes in a UV and one minute in a LED with NO STICKY LAYER to wipe. The result is a flawless high gloss shine that will protect the nail enhancement for weeks. Ultimate Finish Gel can be used over any nail enhancement (Gel, Acrylic, Fiberglass, or silk).

5 reviews for Ultimate Finish Gel

  1. andreajenkins7

    This topcoat is great! No buffing required to get a smooth finish. Actually, it works better when you don’t buff the nail. It’s thick enough to encapsulate glitter or nail art. No sticky layer after it’s cured. My favorite shiny topcoat!

  2. korbie_mcneil

    I love ultimate finish gel. Thicker consistency to cover glitter and art. Great shine.

  3. nailrockstar15

    This top coat works really well for all the trendy chrome powders. 30 l.e.d second cure, apply chrome, top coat, cure for full time. And it’s thick enough my clients never wear through it. Chrome looks as good when they come back as it did when they left.

  4. holliegnails

    I love how thick and shiny it is! Perfect top coat for hard gel, gel polish, and acrylic!

  5. Tricia Barney

    This is great to add any extra shine or strength to the surface of acrylic, soft gel, hard gel and Mylar nail.

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