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How does a good nail tech become a great nail tech? Practice, practice, practice. This new articulated hand from Young Nails is about to replace your best friend. It attaches with a clamp mount and adjustable extension so it mimics the client’s position. The fingers and wrist pivot and rotate just like a human hand yet the nails are removable so you can maintain your concentration and improve your speed, techniques and skills. Comes with 100 tips. Stop begging for hand models and train until dawn if you want to. Now gimme five.

2 reviews for YN Nail Trainer

  1. Stephanie Elkins

    Would be 5 stars but “Sally” has gargantuan finger nails and costs a LOT. As much as I LOVE this practice hand, I wish it was closer to the size of most women. Also, the price point isn’t great. You can get practice hands that are close to the same thing if not exactly the same thing only sold under different brand, for much less. Young Nails usually doesn’t take you for your money but I feel like this isn’t a great deal when the competition is just as good for less.
    That being said, when I got “Sally” I didn’t know there were others on the market just like her and I love having her. She is a great practice hand. I just don’t like getting comfortable with a certain amount of product with her, only to have to modify it again when taking my practice to a real client. All in all though, practice does make perfect and having “Sally” allows me to hone my skills, and I like that.

  2. nailrockstar15

    Why do we all call this practice hand “Sally”? I don’t know either. The nails are a bit big, but overall this hand is great. The nails pop out and can be easily changed, but can also have the product filed off and the nail used again and again. The fingers move at all the joints, as well as the wrist. It’s a lot easier to work and practice on than those terrible fake plastic fingers.

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