YNI Artist Sculptor

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9 Oval.

2 reviews for YNI Artist Sculptor

  1. Stephanie Elkins

    I’ve been doing nails for nearly 16 years, and after trying nearly every kolinsky brush on the market, big or small, I fell in love with this brush. It took me time to break it in and still does every time I replace it, but I love the hair it’s made with. If taken care of, the hairs stay in tact and don’t split and fall out. I learned how to pick up big and small pearls of acrylic after watching Greg for years. Once you know how to feel the correct powder to liquid ratio, you’ll love this brush and want no other.

  2. nailrockstar15 (verified owner)

    Truly one of the best brushes I’ve ever used. It’s light weight , and the perfect size for picking up the perfect pearl. And it really does last well if properly cared for. I use one for glitters and one for pink and white. Also, I love the point on the end of the brush. Its great for getting in close to the cuticle area.

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